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ANNNA is a Latvian/Dutch producer and singer from Amsterdam. Sustainability, burnouts and equality are some of the topics that she covers in her music.
The singer's career started to bloom in the summer of 2019 when her song, 'The One That Got Away' became the No1 played track on one of the biggest radios in Latvia in August 2019. Also that same month, she gave an energetic performance in front of more than 8.000 people while warming up the stage for the LP Official in Latvia.
In October 2019 ANNNA won the Amsterdam Dance Event's (ADE) Demolition with her second release, 'Stardom/Hater', which landed the singer a studio experience at the W Barcelona Sound Suite together with Dave Clarke and the Mixmag Magazine. ANNNA's third single, "Polyester" received viral media attention on all the biggest radios, magazines and television shows in the Netherlands. "Polyester" is an iconic pop piece that covers the realities behind the Fast Fashion industry.
In January 2020, ANNNA played a killer show at the ESNS 2020 Festival, where she showcased her newest tracks from the singer’s upcoming EP that’s aimed to be released in the autumn of 2020.

LP Warm Up Concert
Eurosonic 2020