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Bamboo socks


ANNNA is a sustainable fashion geek and her merchandise is no exception. Grab a pair of these super soft socks that are made from an eco bamboo fibre and organic cotton. Each sock is marked with the signature lyrics from ANNNA’s killer track “The One That Got Away”.

These socks come in two sizes, with a light pink toe and ANNNA’s logo underneath, shipped in a recycled craft envelope. Limited edition of 100.

🌿 Organic bamboo socks

🌿 Decorated with the ANNNA’s signature lyrics tag “Pay Bills/Climb Hills”

🌿 Carefully embroidered ANNNA logo on the foot (this one will never wear off)

🌿 Sent to you worldwide, in an up-cycled, sustainable craft packaging

Washing instructions

To minimise shrinking and twisting, it is recommended that the wash temperature does not exceed 40C in a standard or delicate washing cycle.
For the sake of protecting the environment, we say: wash at 30C or below, with an ecological laundry detergent, do not tumble dry, line dry and only iron when necessary.


36/40, 41/46


Each pair of socks will be packaged in a completely biodegradable envelope.

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