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The ‘Mortgage On Toast Mocktail’ by post


Or good evening? Afternoon? Oh, who cares these days really…

It’s time to celebrate the releaase of my debut EP ‘Mortgage On Toast’ and so I came up with a way how to celebrate in a socially distanced manner. Here’s a virtual happy hour through the post! An organic, handmade virgin ginger cocktail.


🌿 Homemade

🌿 Decorated with an oven dried, sugar glazed orange slice

🌿 Comes in a 150 ml package with a straw, thank you card and a decor

🌿 Sent to you worldwide, in an up-cycled, sustainable craft packaging


– Oven dried orange slice
– Organic homemade (*yeah, I’m pretty proud of this one) ginger syrup
– Sparkling water
– Organic lime juice
– Dried mint leaves


12 x 20 cm


Packaged in a completely biodegradable envelope.

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